ALBUM: Teni – Tears of the Sun

Nigerian musician, Teni, has recently unveiled her much-anticipated project titled “Tears of the Sun.” This eagerly awaited release features a total of 16 tracks, showcasing the latest musical venture from the exceptionally talented artist.

The compilation responds to the fervent requests from Teni’s dedicated fan base, underscoring the anticipation surrounding her musical endeavors. Driven by a genuine outpouring of love, Teni presents this project with a sincere commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Afrobeats genre, both within Nigeria and on the global stage.

The 16-track collection serves as a testament to Teni’s musical prowess and the artistic depth she brings to the industry. As she continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive style, the release of “Tears of the Sun” stands as a significant milestone in Teni’s ongoing musical journey.