Cheque delivers six-track EP ‘Chequemate’ featuring Fireboy DML and Crayon

Over the course of his musical career, Cheque has consistently demonstrated his artistic prowess, treating listeners to a series of exceptional creations that have left a mark on the music landscape. From the resounding success of the chart-topping hit Zoom and its illustrious remix featuring the acclaimed Davido and American rapper Wale, to the awe-inspiring History track, a collaborative masterpiece with his close confidante Fireboy DML, Cheque has undeniably mesmerized audiences with his musical brilliance in recent years.

Continuing his impressive trajectory, today marks the momentous release of Cheque’s latest musical offering: a captivating six-track EP, aptly titled Chequemate. This much-expected project stands as a testament to Cheque’s multidimensional talent, showcasing his dexterity as both a singer and a rapper, a rare combination that sets him apart in the ever-evolving realm of contemporary music.

Within the immersive realm of Chequemate, listeners are treated to a carefully curated selection of musical masterpieces, each a testament to Cheque’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional materials. The EP introduces captivating collaborations, elevating its musical allure to new heights. Among the enthralling partnerships featured within the EP, the track Sunflawa unveils a previously released joint, enhanced by the enchanting harmonies of the gifted artist Crayon. Furthermore, the second track, aptly named Hustle, boasts a scintillating fusion of talents, with none other than the prodigious Fireboy DML gracing the song with his inimitable artistry.

For fans of Cheque’s craft, Chequemate stands as an imperative listening experience, urging them to heed the call of this prodigious artist who continues to involve himself in the boundaries of creative expression. With each track meticulously crafted to resonate with the depths of the mind, Cheque offers a wealth of musical treasures that celebrate love, ambition, and the pursuit of greatness.

As the curtains draw back on Chequemate, a prevailing sense of excitement and anticipation fills the air, for it signals not only the arrival of a remarkable EP but also a poignant reminder of the immense talent and potential that Cheque possesses. This musical odyssey is an invitation to embark on an unforgettable journey, led by an artist who promises to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.