Hilda Baci reacts as another chef breaks her Guinness World Record

Chef Hilda Baci has reacted to the recent revelation by the Guinness Book of World Records which revealed that her record for the longest cooking marathon has officially been broken by another chef.

Hilda took to her social media platform today, Tuesday, November 7, 2023, to congratulate Alan Fisher for breaking her record of the longest cooking marathon.

The Guinness World Records confirmed that Alan Fisher surpassed Hilda’s cooking time of 93 hours and 11 minutes, setting a new record of 119 hours and 57 minutes.

Hilda took to her social media platform to congratulate him on his new feat and followed up with a post where she expressed her gratitude to have held the record in the first place.

Her posts on social media read, “Huge congratulations to Alan Fisher! 119hrs 57mins is a huge achievement, and I wish him all the best as the new world record holder! I’m so happy to have held a record so prestigious and profound I will forever be honored and grateful for all the love and support.”