Mayorkun opens up about the process of his new EP, ‘Love for Free’

Talented singer, Mayorkun opened up his recent EP ‘Love for Free’. The musical sensation revealed that his sound is called Afro-fusion.

During an interview with Reality TV Star Tacha on the Big Friday show Mayorkun opened up about his relationship status, the making of his new EP titled Love for Free, his relationship with Davido and his sound. When asked about his thought process for the song afrofusion artist revealed that the making of his song lowkey was during a time when he was in a dark place. According to the artiste, “I was in a dark place because I had a little experience with some people and I did not like how it turned out”.

Everyone wondered where and why the artist had taken a 5-month break and had not released any new music before dropping his latest EP. Mayorkun explained during the interview that he had been out of the country and did not find it reasonable to release new songs without being in his home country. He also emphasized the importance of media rounds.

The artist mentioned his split with popular UK dancer Cocainna, but they remain on good terms. Mayorkun, signed under DMW (Davido Music Worldwide), praised Davido for being a true ally who ensures his artists receive their due financial recognition, “It’s crazy that we meant someone that genuinely wanted to help. We would be this free financially.”

In addition to releasing his new EP, Mayorkun featured on Nigerian indigenous rapper Zoro’s ‘Soundcheck’ album. African musician have begun to branch out from the generic term Afrobeats and have started developing their type of music. South African musician Tyla named her music Afropop, Shallipopi coined his Afropluto, and Tems considers hers as R&B. Mayorkun clarified that his genre of African sounds is Afrofusion. During the interview, he stated, “If I am being honest, if you check my interview from way back I have been saying Afrofusion and the reason why I always say that is because I believe I can make any kind of song.”